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Seeburger is the market leader in business-to-business integration solution. It offers a comprehensive Business Integration Suite that functions as a central platform and data hub for all business processes with external business partners. Since 2012 until now, Quadra and Seeburger were awarded projects at most of the top banks in Indonesia. The objective of this project is to provide a gateway that would allow the bank and its corporate clients to have a secure transfer communication with transformation and integration functionalities. With this solution, the bank provides a system that will be used to process their transactions using straight through processing which has been connected to the bank’s backend system.


The Institution-Level Financial Application System (SAKTI) is developed as a feeder application to the SPAN that will integrate all the currently stand-alone in house developed applications to serve all the needs of the 24,000 Spending Units (Satkers) across Indonesia. The development if SAKTI and its supporting application (PORTAL and SMS Gateway) has successfully completed on July, 2014.


EDC Management System (EMS)

EMS is a brief solution for modern Banking in order to monitor and tracked all EDC request that coming from merchant. EMS Application integrate and optimizing whole EDC request processing time from around seven working days up to one day only. This will saves a lot of times and bring efficiency.