The hype of IoT (Internet of Things) has never ceased to pause, not even for a moment. Lately, not so long after we entered this 2016, Wi-Fi Alliance® has introduced Wi-Fi HaLow™ for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah technology. The HaLow works in frequency below 1 GHz and extends the standard Wi-Fi into the 900 MHz band. With this features, HaLow is guaranteed to twice better than the standard Wi-Fi connections of 2.4 GHz to penetrate walls, floors and other hard-material.

With that kind of specification, HaLow is mostly suited for modern end-user who always gathered around where there is Wi-Fi connection. The relatively small data payloads and low-power devices are intended for any devices that people usually carry around, on their bag, their pockets, and even their body (smartwatches).

The HaLow is also designed by adapting how regular Wi-Fi nowadays has worked, but with more strong points such as being able to be set-up easily, along with top-grade security control and multi-vendor interoperability. Therefore, we think that it is best to say that HaLow is definitely the Wi-Fi that everyone has hoped for the IoT (Internet of Things).