BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. This new trend has emerged nowadays as the result of the IoT (Internet of Things) that evolved the way how people work in modern era. In the old days, the advancement of Information Technology (IT) is mostly intended for enterprises. However, it seems that the end-user, i.e. employee has become the target of IT advancement which meant to empower workforces through the so-called ‘consumerisation of IT’.

By bringing their own devices, be it tablet, laptop, and smartphones, the company could save lots of operational costs. In addition, the employees are also bound to work not only during office hour, but also beyond that; anywhere they might choose – public places (cafe, public library, park) or even at their own house.

On employee’s side, the BYOD trend also improves employee satisfaction by working through their own device; one that they already trust and familiar with. They could also work remotely and more flexibly without having to be bound by office hours. All in all, it increases the satisfaction of both company and employee sides quite immensely.